PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Andrew Cohen on Rehnquist's revolution. Also, Post editorial on the Rehnquist era.

The diary of a young girl in Baghdad.

Global voices reclaim Islam.

News analyses:
* For Bush, Next Moves Are Key to Rest of Term
* Chaotic Week Leaves Bush Team on Defensive

* Meanwhile, Al Qaeda seizes a town in Iraq, and insurgents assault the Interior Ministry.
* Recent events have put the GOP agenda in Congress at risk.
* Roberts hearing likely to enter religious territory.
* Will China become the new dominant superpower?
* Is the German economy recovering?
* How Gaithersburg dealt with the day laborer situation.
* Warnings about stem cell hype.
* Mugabe believes the CIA is behind a new movie.
* Why technology misses the masses.
* The modern (and annoying) rules of cliches in advertising.

Choosing the wine to go with your fast food.

A donkey bookmobile.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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