PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: George F. Will on Republican history and judicial activism.

Marc Fisher on gas, evacuations, and heeding the warnings.

* Must read, but vivid: firsthand accounts from inside the Superdome.
* Good read: Coming up with solutions for the worst case scenario.
* Chaos at the convention center.
* Accounts from BBC reporters.
* Evacuations and chaos.
* News analysis: another disaster, another trial for the President.

* Pentagon alters detainee trials, but problems persist.
* Consumer spending up, savings down.
* Bolton pushes the administration's agenda at the UN.
* Gonzales is missing the point on gangs.
* Good news: the ozone layer has stopped shrinking.
* Mobilizing Christians to fight climate change.
* R-rated comedies are back in style.'s Emmy predictions.

"I'd do a love scene with Puppet Angel."
-Julie Benz

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