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The head of women's health at the FDA quits to protest the agency's decision to delay "morning-after pill" ruling.

Differing views on economic realities: "Job creation has been persistently weak in industries that hire lots of college graduates, like information technology."

New administration rules could allow power plants to pollute more.

President's poll numbers hit new lows.

* Health risks growing.
* So, where'd the money for the levees go? (Courtesy Northram.)
* Dan Froomkin has the tough questions.

* 46 million Americans now lack health insurance.
* 1.1 million more Americans in poverty.
* Weapons sales up worldwide.
* Panic in a crowd causes a stampede that leads to the death of over 600 civilians.
* An ally of Al Qaeda is sharing its tools of the trade.
* Bush compares Iraq war to WWII.
* Administration continues to debate what to do with Cuban terrorist suspect.
* Oh, Gonzales, you scamp.
* Roberts sought to keep enforcement as a executive branch issue. Also, Leahy is looking for Roberts' opinion on the torture memo. Scalia blasts the nomination process.
* Helms defends his new book.
* When the environment is damaged, it's the world's poor that suffers.
* Saturn's moon Enceladus is a baffling mystery.
* Scientists decode chimpanzee DNA.
* A Bruce Springsteen symposium?

The downward spiral of fear.

Remember the hiker who had to cut his own arm off after an accident? Turns out he's doing just fine.

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