PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Analysis: course of the Middle East at the mercy of local actors.

The states are increasing restrictions on abortion nationwide.

Dottie Lynch wraps up the hottest summer news that will have impact in the fall.

* Army demotes offiial who spoke out against Halliburton.
* Eight former officers of KPMG indicted.
* Is the administration's ideology harming the fight against AIDS in Africa?
* Most Americans support Sheehan, and think the president should meet with her.
* The military chaplain corps is in turmoil, thanks to evangelical Protestants gaining influence. Also, the Air Force bans their leaders' promotion of religion.
* Kentucky governor issues pardons to officials under investigation.
* "It would be reassuring if the president at least had a passing acquaintance with American history."
* Bob Schieffer can't believe the news.
* Saul Zaentz cashes in with Lord of the Rings settlement.
* Where's all the gays on TV?
* DC at the movies.

Dedicated to put corporate branding into music.

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