PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As I've mentioned, I'm no fan of the Ori. Because, you know, I've seen the evil-aliens-pretending-to-be-gods plot already. [But yes, the black-hole-super-gate thing was cool. Irregardless.]

Last night I figured it all out. I wish this whole season's main plot dealt with the Jaffa politics and the aftermath of the fall of the Goa'uld. The scenes we've seen about the Jaffa infighting and politics are good, but until last night, they were sort of just an afterthought, and that bugged me. [And finally, someone mentioned the Tok'ra! Wouldn't they be big on celebrating these days?] And really, you think more people would fear the Tau'ri at this point. Like Nerus said, this is very much a galaxy of their own making. [Maybe they just need better PR?]

[I should note I still snicker every time I see Louis Gossett Jr. on screen, though. I mean, is this where you go after the Iron Eagle movies? Hee.]

Oh, but last night, it was all about Baal in a suit. Big pimp. I was delighted to see him back, and man, the idea of having him on Earth amuses me greatly. [About time one of the baddies tried that.] And as a public figure! Though I don't know about this whole cloning thing, rubs me the wrong way.


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