PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Our plan last night to see Adaptation failed utterly, as Muvico decided to not show it at 10, even though they said it on their website. I am wagering they canceled it to use the theater for something else they figured would sell more tickets (hopefully, Two Towers. Probably, Drumline.) Mind you, Muvico is the only local theater even playing Adaptation. Anyways, we had a nice dinner at Remomo at least, and rented some videos.

Specifically, last night we watched Rasputin, an HBO production with Alan Rickman as the mad monk (!) and Ian McKellan as the Tzar (!!) It was a decent production (Uli Edel doesn't slouch, but sometimes he just makes do.) And David Warner is always fun to watch (here as the doctor.) But, man, it was weirdly positive. I've never seen a version of the story where Rasputin is the good guy.

Anyways. We also watched The 13th Warrior on Thursday night, which is always fun. Also, SciFi Channel was running commercials for Children of Dune next year, which is sure something they have over the David Lynch version.

And I also finally caught this Scrubs show which everyone (er, a couple people) have told me about. It's pretty amusing; a lot of people are really mean to each other, which cracks me up.

Great news: Cartoon Network to expand 'Adult Swim.'

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