PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Over the weekend, Selene and I caught The 40 Year Old Virgin. Have to admit, better than I expected. Best comedy I've seen all year, in fact. Steve Carell is awesome, and the guys playing his friends are all very well-cast. Also, Catherine Keener = teh hot. They totally earn the R rtaing, too, but the best part is, the movie isn't really mean. Well, yes, people do make fun of him (obviously,) but it's not the one-joke movie you'd think it is. Also, Paul Rudd is a rock star. He's no Sam Rockwell, but he's working on it. Anyways. Go see it.

New trailers:
* The Thing About My Folks - Peter Falk, OK. Paul Reiser, starring as Ben Stiller? Uh, no. Written by Paul Reiser? Oh hell no.
* Two for the Money - I don't think I care enough about sports gambling to make this Pacino vehicle work. Also: written by the man who brought you Freejack! Why'd they forget to mention that?
* In Her Shoes - Nope.
* Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang - Didn't I see this movie when it was called Hollywood Homicide? And can the director wrangle Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer at the same time? Also, dare I remind you, when was the last time Val Kilmer made a good movie?

And while I'm here:
* V for Vendetta pushed back to March 2006. (Link courtesy Magistrate.)
* Night Watch has been delayed until late this year, probably between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope this is good news.
* Underworld Evolution has also been pushed back to January 20th, 2006.

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