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"The war is going badly and lives have been lost by the thousands, but there is no real sense, either at the highest levels of government or in the nation at large, that anything momentous is at stake... For all the talk of supporting the troops, they are a low priority for most Americans."
-Bob Herbert

Good read: does the American dream exist anymore?

Mortgaged to the House of Saud.

The marketing of churches.

* State Department memo warned of post-war 'planning gaps.'
* NYTimes editorial gives a Gaza reality check.
* Analysis: the administration's foreign policy suffers a series of setbacks.
* Paul Krugman on dirty elections in America.
* David Ignatius wonders where the Democrats are these days.
* Dan Froomkin on Cheney's defense of the war.
* Roberts disparaged women's rights efforts. Also, Ed Kennedy mentions, among other things, Title IX.
* Dana Milbank's LiveOnline transcript concerning his article on Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war movement. Dan Froomkin discusses how far her movement can go. And really, the president should have just gone and talked to her.
* Ted Rall wants the war's supporters to start making some sacrifices for it.
* Another presidential bid in the works for Biden?
* Why Trent Lott feels betrayed by Bill Frist.
* Drugs more accessible to today's teens.
* The administration complains about Pakistani textbooks.
* Do long hours at work make you ill?
* A vision of the future, with lions and elephants roaming the plains of America.
* CBS looks for a new look for their evening news.
* The City Paper catches you up for WWE's SummerSlam. presents the ten most embarrassing sex scenes.

Today's headline: Doll Retrieved During Spacewalk

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