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"History warns us that when large religious groups start imagining themselves to be oppressed by a pernicious and cunning minority, bad things can happen... In the imaginary world painted by the leaders of 'Justice Sunday II,' conservative Christian Republicans may control the White House, the Congress, and several seats on the Supreme Court, but they remain oppressed and victimized."
-good read by Ron Garver

"The recent conflict over what America eats, and the way the government promotes food, is a disturbing example of how in Bush's America corporate interests trump public health, public opinion and plain old common sense."

OMG Dan Froomkin is back, with all your White House newz!

* There might be problems with airport security when they're stopping babies from boarding because they're on a terrorist watch list. And really, who is going to bring a bow and arrows onto a plane?
* Bizarre story of the Greek airplane crash gets stranger. Oh, and one of the data recorders is missing.
* Bob Dole on the Plame case and protecting the press.
* Paul Krugman on the phrase "safe as houses."
* Wal-Mart starts to worry about gas prices.
* Inside the sauna cults. (Courtesy Selene.)
* Steve Carell, breakaway star from The Daily Show.
* Percentage-wise, what the summer's biggest movie?

British intelligence reveals some of the weird concepts they'd considered in the past.

How does 250 miles per gallon sound? (Courtesy Selene.)

Back from the '70's, it's Jesus: the Movie - "God uses what God uses... He doesn't check with Warren, or the Motion Picture Academy."

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