PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Administration lowers expectations for Iraq: hopes for a model democracy, self-supporting oil sector, strong economy and peaceful society that dominated 2003 invasion now seen as "unrealistic."

Frank Rich returns, and thinks someone should tell the president the war is over.

The modern soldier of fortune - but where is the line between private security and mercenary?

The great estate tax deception.

Even if you don't drive, high oil prices will still impact you.

* Social Security at 70.
* Administration fights to keep further pictures of abuse from Abu Ghraib secret.
* And, soldiers *still* wait on armor.
* Crawford ranch long longer a vacation for the President.
* Ted Rall on a new threat to local newspapers - Craigslist.
* Judge reluctant to get involved in global warming/pollution oversight.
* The music industry turns to the next usual suspect - CD burning.
* The respected animator behind Corpse Bride.
* Other great artists of the samurai epic.

So, Mr. Bush, if global warming is a myth, why is Greenland thawing out?

Terry Gilliam on bad luck and feel-good endings.

The BBC on Lost - can you survive a plane crash?

And, ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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