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Man. How sad a summer movie season, when there's two weekends in a row when there's nothing out even *I* want to see?

Work's dead today, blessedly. Been keeping busy (and avoiding the web filters) by scouring Wikipedia for all sorts of topics, including the surprising amount of info they have on comic book characters (Like this. And more obscure ones, like Zaladane!)

Man, been a few weeks since I did an actual update, so allow me to sum up:

Your Underground 80's Cult Band by Caleb VB
You form the band with:224215152
Your sound is influenced by:Psychedelic Furs, Velvet Underground, The Slits
Your mode of dress/fashion claim-to-fame:An Elvis-like haircut and a British military uniform.
The name of your group is:This Green City
Your downfall/decline of popularity is caused by:Public backlash due to the lead singer calling Margaret Thatcher a "moose-faced bore".
Your instrument of choice:
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Let's see, where to start. What with the new car and five hundred bills coming due, been trying to keep things cheap for a bit.

Played one of my miniatures games twice in a month, now. Trying to fall back on the wagon, been too long. Also, cutting down on the number of games to try and keep up with. That's probably worthy of its own post, eventually.

Caught up with Operative X, dinner at the Royal Mile followed by a movie which we ignored in favor of chatting and other shenanigans. Lovely evening, been too long on those too.

Of course, been hanging out with Selene a whole bunch. She even liked Series 7! I might have to keep her.

Hit board game night at Magistrate's a couple Saturdays ago, introduced Selene to that crew. I won a game of Apples to Apples, and came close in Attack Uno. Afterwards, headed to Dona Quixote's birthday party, which was a lot of fun, except for weird stomach cramps I was having.

Wednesday, had dinner at El Charro with the Fish, Lemon Russ, Selene, and Selene's Coast Guard friend from out of town. Good times! Thereafter, hit karaoke at Remington's.

Now. Selene *insists* that Remington's is dead during the week. So, of course, after I sit through *25* minutes of traffic because of the ridiculous night construction on 198, I get to the bar and it's *packed.* I'm fuming. I only get in one song, so I go with the Psychedelic Furs "The Ghost in You" which turns out better than I expected. Selene does both "I Am The Highway" and "All That Jazz," the latter of which I haven't heard her do before, tres amusing.

The Remingtons song selection has only improved. A couple of you will be pleased to note they have a couple songs by Peaches and Herb. Some others of you will appreciate a certain duet they have by Run DMC and Aerosmith.

One of the highlights of the night is this, well, tall gangly 'wigger' (if I can use that term), using the nom de plume of "Vanilla Weiss." He does "Ice Ice Baby," and damn well, getting a number of the patrons up and dancing. He also gives a shout out to... Council Bluffs, Iowa? Hee hee.

So, that's that. Tze bebe is fine, she has a bit of a cough, but nothing major. Her new favorite with is "Nothing." No matter what I ask, her first answer is always "nothing."

No real news on the housing front, but I think we're nearing a critical mass point with that issue. I really really wish money were less of a problem in this (and all) situations.

Anyways. Enough rambling.
Your LJ Band by Karen_Walker
Name of your LJ Band
Back Up Dancer 1dragonballzzz
Back Up Dancer 2meercat
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[EDIT: Now with quizzes!]

Links of dorkness interest:
* Serenity, in Lego (courtesy Magistrate.)
* Straight Dope: were ancient tombs really booby-trapped?
* All the He-man and She-Ra comics, scanned.
* As seen elsewhere: D&D Made Simple
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