PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A district judge has ruled that key components of Virginia's drunken driving laws are unconstitutional, citing a decades-old U.S. Supreme Court decision."

Finally. Changing airline security to make it easier on passengers.

Post editorial: what has Ehrlich been up to this summer?

* Cindy Sheehan's Crawford protest has gone from one person to a full-fledged political issue.
* Israel's religious crisis over Gaza plan. How the pullout forces Israel to look at its future. Bonus: Post FAQ explaining the Gaza withdrawal. Super Bonus: BBC interactive guide to Gaza!
* What we call 'pervasive corruption', Russia calls 'everyday business.'
* Governor of New Mexico declares a border emergency.
* Sri Lanka declares a state of emergency.
* That wacky Chavez revokes US immunity.
* Henry Kissinger on Iraq.
* Maureen Dowd on Bush's commitment to women's rights.
* The rich fight over estate taxes.
* Andrew Cohen suggests more calm over the Roberts nomination.
* Analysis: Democrats conflicted on how rough to play ball.
* Rob Garver on Santorum's family values.
* Google changes its plan for the online library.
* Texas becomes fourth state to have a non-white majority.
* DC seeks to buy land for 'ballpark district.' That area sounds familiar...

Good read: yeah, remember all that talk of running out of trash dump space? So, so wrong.

The rise and fall of TV Guide. lists the 25 most intriguing characters in sports.

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