PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Google "your name" is.... and then search and pick and post your 15 favorite line responses. Here are mine:

1. The original, comprehensive guide to the Paul is Dead hoax.*
2. From a feminist perspective, Paul is an ally of Christian conservatives who
3. Today, Paul is the senior chemist and CEO of Inorganic Ventures.
4. Paul is looking for experienced therapists to train and team up with in
5. Anyway, Paul is better equipped to give you all the Blake and Coleridge and so forth that you actually need, below.
6. Right now, Paul is being tapped by organizations for three things
7. Paul is a Key Note Speaker worth listening to.
8. 1770 - Paul is now 35 years old and buys this house in North Square
9. Paul is a poet who once lived on Okeover Inlet, and he has been listening to you.
10. Paul is the author of nearly 400 publications. His honors include
11. In many ways, Paul is the exemplar of the movement.
13. Paul is on the ball on policy.
14. but I do think Paul is VERY under-rated as a guitarist.
15. Paul is the man who famously removed the 'curse' of the southern

* - The majority of replies were in fact about the urban legend about the death of Paul McCartney. The next largest sections were on the former Pope and the saint.

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