PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The New Republic outs the anonymous sources "close to the White House."

How Bush thinks: intuition over intellect.

Al Qaeda goes online for recruits and training.

* Colbert King on racial profiling, terrorism and 'conservative' commentators.
* Dan Froomkin on Bush's poll numbers, Novak, Palmeiro, and more.
* Questions raised about the administration's use of espionage law to quash leaks.
* Cassini (still going!) makes new discoveries on Saturn's moons.
* Creating 3-d images of mummies.
* Bringing more minorities into video gaming.
* A live-action recreation of Mel Gibson's Passion?
* Best-selling movie soundtracks of all time.

Post interview with Lynda Carter.

Why we love bad movies. (Bonus: MANOS.)

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