PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"George W. Bush has something in common with the Ming emperors of China: He seems determined to make his great nation less ambitious and more ignorant."
-Eugene Robinson

Swift Boats for science: fraud think tanks that seek to obfuscate what is and isn't science.

What spending restraint? What fiscal conservatism? GOP spending goes out of control.

Roberts' role in gay bias case makes waves. Also, Roberts' place in the civil rights debate in the 80's. Post analysis looks at the dichotomy.

* Bob Herbert, on those who can't forget about the Iraq war.
* Heh. Bush goes back to "war on terror."
* David Broder wants the facts about the war.
* North Korea, missing the point, wants "peaceful" nukes.
* Israel sneaks in some more shenanigans in Gaza before the pullout.
* NPR Q&A on the Gaza pullout.
* How loopholes in the ethics rules lets lawmakers and lobbyists get away with anything.
* Environmental damage visible to the shuttle astronauts.
* Post editorial on intelligent design and the president.
* Japanese science on the march: vibrating theater seats.
* In his own words: Ray Bradbury.
* Special effects tech works on better prosthetic limbs for war vets.
* EW presents movie options for August.

"Constitutional scholars have yet to find anything in that famed document that deals with a fundamental right to run Super Mario through his paces."

Haw haw! CNN suspends Novak.

No, seriously: Pentagon to spend big teaching scientists to write movie scripts.

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