PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New rule: I am not allowed to own any snow globes. While looking for a book, I knocked one off the shelf, shattering it on my bedroom floor. I did this with the only other snow globe I have ever owned, like four years ago. Feh. Note that in addition to being filled with glitter and water, the glass they use is very fine, very sharp and very break-into-a-million-pieces-y.

Just got back from seeing Star Trek: Nemesis with Agent Black and Holly Hobby. The film was, passable, all I really expect from a Trek film at this juncture. The dune buggy race with the Sand People wasn't too long, the Nosferatu Romulans were OK, the big bad was big and bad. Have to give Spiner credit for (sort of) writing out his character.

And yesterday I watched Open Your Eyes, which is the foreign version of Vanilla Sky. (Thanks to Operative X for the loan.) It's pretty neat, and now I have no curiosity left about the Tom Cruise version. It's complex and pretty cool, definitely worth watching.

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