PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, they closed down the tasty and cheap cafeteria here at work a couple weeks ago. Meaning, basically, every day half of FDIC wanders through the Giant behind our building and hits the soup/salad bar or scavenges food. However, one of the stopgap measures they put in place to placate the feds was an expanded vending machine room, including... a coffee machine.

500 pounds of flavor.

Oh, how it's improved my workday. Every bit as good as the cafeteria coffee, and cheaper. You can select how strong you want the coffee, how much sweetener you want in it, and how much "whitener" it has. (Their term, not mine.) And it can do mixes! Half regular, half decaf! Half coffee, half hot chocolate! Half coffee, half French vanilla (my current fave.) Suisse chocolate cappucino!

Look at all the buttons!

And, *unlike* the cafeteria, the coffee machine is open all weekend. It's even helping me cut down on my soda intake.
Tags: 2005, not news, pics, two-fisted tales
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