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"But why are we so afraid of acknowledging the obvious? At this moment in our history, religion is playing an important part in our public debates. If Roberts's religious views are important to him, why should they be off-limits to honest discussion?"
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

"The current state of our rail security system is worse than an accident waiting to happen; it is an open invitation to terrorists."
-Senator Joe Biden

Bush pushes intelligent design.

John Nichols on the Bolton embarrassment. Plus, an editorial on why the Democrats shouldn't complain about Bolton's recess appointment.

* How Roberts and Bolton are just more examples of Bush's federal power grab.
* Iran farther from the bomb than previously thought.
* Discussing women's rights in Afghanistan - on television.
* Eugene Robinson on sermons without stereotypes.
* How Atkins caused itself to go out of business.
* The Gulf dead zone is larger than originally thought.
* Florida State has the world's largest magnet.
* Sean Connery quits movies. Riiiight.
* What will George Lucas do next?
* He-Man comes to DVD this October.

A horrible crime, and why the killer can't be tried in court.

NYTimes on Wizard Magazine, the industry magazine for comic books.

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