PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"OK, hard drinkers, let's drink hard."
-From Dusk Till Dawn

Christmas shopping all done, mostly in a wild spree on Sunday. Well, not that wild. But still. I even bought a few things for myself (comic books and magazines, mostly. I've been in a magazine reading mood as of recent, though I am taking time to read Operative X's The Replacement God and after that, Sailor Tork's fine Christmas present to me, What They Did to Princess Paragon. But I digress.)

And yes, I saw and loved the Firefly pilot episode. The *only* reason I can figure they didn't show it first was because they didn't want to give it two hours of timeslot at the beginning of the season. I quote Agent Black when I say, "pigfuckers." It's awesome, and sets up so many references for the rest of the season. So so good.

After a tasty dinner at the surprisingly relocated Terp Taco (now next to Marathon) RQ and I caught The Two Towers for a second time. Almost have thoughts formulated enough to post up about it. I have confirmed, this movie contained both elfs *and* wizards.

In case the holidays are getting your mood too positive, take a look at the Post's article on the current state of the war on terrorism and other big issues.

Also, today I made substantial updates to the Quote-O-Rama, including a separate Firefly section. Next up, up, I may go ahead and take some crazy pills and move out all the movie quotes from the miscellaneous quotes. Crazy! But I need to break them down some, it's getting out of hand for my poor text files.

Fortune Cookie: "One old friend is better than two new ones."
CD playing: Die Krupps, "Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix)"

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