PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In America, the delivery system of the one-story [orgy] is more diffuse. Scandal here often begins on Matt Drudge's website, leaps to The Washington Times newspaper, from there to Rush Limbaugh's rabid radio talk show and then on to the Fox cable news network, which legitimises it for everybody else.

"Like Paul Dacre's Daily Mail, Roger Ailes's Fox News now dominates the whole media landscape and sets the political agenda as much as The New York Times. The old stereotype of the 'liberal media' is laughably out of date. Clinton, Gore and Tom Daschle, the demoted Democratic leader of the Senate, have all spoken bitterly in recent weeks about the way in which what Clinton called 'an increasingly docile establishment press' has itself drifted more and more rightwards while internalising the aggression of the fringe outlets against its alleged 'liberalism.'"

-Tina Brown, for The Times of London

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