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"The blurring of the distinction between corporate interests and the individual and collective rights of humans is one of the central tropes of our time and the source of much purposeful confusion, of the kind that the Center for Consumer Freedom exploits."

Frank Rich on eight days in July, and the real scandal behind the Rove/Plame leak and the war in Iraq.

Soldiers overseas wonder where the wartime sacrifices on the homefront are.

Looking for the root causes behind Islamic terrorists targeting Westerners.

"Nearly four years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the military has failed to bring a single person to trial before the military commissions. When it finally does so, the trials will be an uncertain project in terms of both fairness and effectiveness. Meanwhile, the system for detaining and interrogating detainees before trial remains in a legal limbo that has led to serious abuses and caused enormous damage to America's global prestige." editorial

* Last throes, huh? Insurgents in Iraq grown in experience and numbers.
* A trip to film in Iraq lead to an American citizen being held in a military prison without due process for almost two months.
* Coming soon to a court near you: should law schools be allowed to block military recruiters from campus?
* Battling the administration over their use of data mining.
* Are security cameras the solution?
* So, everyone presumes nominee Roberts is a conservative... Also: so what if we held a Supreme Court nomination battle, but no one much cared?
* How will the revelations of the Rove leak impact the president?
* Observing butterflies may unlock secrets of evolution.
* Saharan dust cloud headed towards America.
* Why U.S. leaders never question the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also, firsthand accounts from the soldiers that dropped the bombs.
* Can CostCo be the anti-Wal-Mart?
* Filming A Prarie Home Companion.

Islamic clerics explain the difficult concept of jihad.

And, they've already canceled the Wal-Mart singles nights.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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