PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

look, not another news post

Finally hung out with JubJub last night. We ate at some pretentious grill at a strip mall in Alexandria, followed by used DVD scavenging at the Hollywood video out there. I scored The Machinist, which I haven't seen yet, and Identity, which is a little dorky but fun enough. Afterwards, we retired to her pad, and I checked out the first couple episodes of Samurai Champloo (very cool) and the first episode of the new Doctor Who (better than I expected, but sadly, Dalek-free.)

Got home muy late, though, and slept fitfully, so I feel like a beaten rug today. Caffeine is my friend.

Let's see, what's coming up. Hoping to sneak out with a certain someone Thursday or so. Dinner with the family Sunday night, I think. And maybe, just maybe, some Warmachine next week. Fingers crossed.

Almost over my cold. Throat hasn't hurt in days, but still have this nagging cough. As soon as that's gone, I assure you, it's totally karaoke time again.

Oh, and I *really really* need a new car soon. The brakes are starting to feel a little, uh, funny.

No word yet on the moving front. RQ's offers haven't gone through for one reason or another, and I'm still kinda bound to that timetable. Still working on the theoreticals, though, more on that... eventually.
Tags: 2005, not news

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