PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"It has taken Washington three decades to shape a military that can quickly and decisively defeat any antagonist on earth. It has taken the Bush administration just two years to endanger the same force... There are no good policy options in Iraq. But the administration must abandon the fantasies that have been driving it so far. Otherwise America will suffer a series of ever-worsening nightmares."
-Doug Bandow

*Must* read by Frank Rich: follow the uranium.

The increasing impact of the meth epidemic, "the most destructive, dangerous, terrible drug that's come along in a long time."

Public broadcasting under scrutiny.

* "Unheard of only a few decades ago, suicide bombings have rapidly evolved into perhaps the most common method of terrorism in the world."
* "In the months before the Iraqi elections in January, President Bush approved a plan to provide covert support to certain Iraqi candidates and political parties, but rescinded the proposal because of Congressional opposition."
* The BBC finds the US is running low on options in Iraq. Also, the BBC correspondent on the upside-down nature of Iraq, and what we could have done to improve the situation.
* Administration finds trouble convincing people about the Medicare drug benefits. Sound familiar?
* Once again, all eyes turn to Arlen Specter.
* Has Karl Rove turned from an asset into a liability?
* Who knew what in the long shadows of the Plame leak.
* The CIA leak case shines light on the secretive intelligence community.
* Howzabout Ten Commandments wingnut Roy Moore for the Supreme Court?
* Speaking of, Sarah Vowell on Ten Commandments displays.
* Complaints about Comcast surge dramatically. Is Verizon to blame?
* Counties think globally.
* Six men convicted in the DC-area "commando" bank robberies.
* FDA probes link between deaths and pain patches.
* The growth of the web inspires a new generation of citizen journalism. Sorta.
* On the streets of Los Angeles, the paparazzi wage war.
* Disneyland at 50.
* on Comic-Con.

A black man loses faith in his church.

Christian adoption agency ignoring Catholic applicants.

Is Battlestar Galactica the future of science fiction?

What's the next great superhero movie?

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