PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, right, Emmy time approacheth.

- The list of the major nominations
- Download complete lists of nominees


* Drama Series: Deadwood deserves it more than Lost.
* Comedy Series: Scrubs totally deserves it, but probably won't get it.
* Miniseries: Only one I've seen is The 4400. Which won't get it.
* Variety, Music or Comedy Series: Da Ali G Show would definitely deserve it, except it's up against The Daily Show. No contest.

* Actor, Drama Series: Dream category! James Spader, Ian McShane, Hugh Laurie, Hank Azaria, *and* Kiefer Sutherland! I'm going with McShane.
* Actress, Drama Series: No real opinion here, don't watch many of these. Glenn Close was good in The Shield.
* Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Another dream category! William Shatner, Oliver MOTHERFUCKING Platt, Naveen Andrews, Terry O'Quinn, and Alan Alda. As both Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway were COMPLETELY robbed of nominations (really, this should be called the "Best Supporting Actor in a Show called Lost" award) I'm going to go with Terry O'Quinn. For the freaky backgammon eyes scene.
* Supporting Actress, Drama Series: CCH Pounder deserves this one twice over. Honestly.

* Actor, Comedy Series: Zach Braff!
* Actress, Comedy Series: No clue.
* Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: John McGinley = totally robbed. Like, at gunpoint.
* Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: See, the problem here is I sorta only watch one or two comedies...


* Outstanding Animated Program (Less Than One Hour): Samurai Jack, "Episode XLIX: The 4 Seasons Of Death." So, so awesome.
* Outstanding Animated Program (One Hour Or More): Star Wars: Clone Wars (Chapters 21-25) (Yep, two nominations for Tartokovsky. Well played, sir, well played.)

* Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series: Carnivale ("Old Cherry Blossom Road/Damascus, NE/Outside New Canaan") or Deadwood ("Requiem For A Gleet/Complications/Childish Things.") Take your pick.
* Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series: Again, Carnivale ("The Road To Damascus, Lincoln Highway") versus Deadwood ("Complications")

* Outstanding Casting For A Comedy Series: Scrubs! Seriously! C'mon!
* Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series: Deadwood or Lost, it's like making me pick my favorite child.

* Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series: Oooh, Lost pilot deserves this twice.

* Outstanding Costumes For A Series: If Deadwood loses to Alias, I *will* cry.

* Outstanding Main Title Theme Music: Justice League or Stargate: Atlantis? WHO CAN DECIDE. (Huh, Desperate Housewives theme is by one Danny Elfman.)

* Outstanding Reality Program: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

And, we won't discuss the travesty that is the Guest Actor and Guest Actress categories this year.
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