PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Civilian deaths in Iraq rise sharply.

Heh: study shows one-third of all studies don't hold up.

Examining why Finland is so awesome.

* Dottie Lynch on DC turned upside down.
* Ted Rall on Treasongate. (Note: slightly goofy.)
* Richard Cohen defends Rove. Sort of.

* The London bombings put the UK's multiculturalism under the spotlight. Also, looking at the otherwise ordinary lives of the bombers.
* Islamic scholar receives life sentence for soliciting treason.
* Thanks to Rumsfeld, turns out the Abu Ghraib tactics were first used at Guantanamo.
* Quietly, the Patriot Act ekes closer to renewal.
* For the Supreme Court fight, what about picking a non-judge?
* Wait, Santorum said what this time? Why is this man allowed to walk the streets?
* Sarah Vowell daydreams a presidential speech.
* Schools try to attract more male teachers.
* Grandparents taking a larger role in the raising of kids.
* Arguing over advertising aimed at kids.
* Boy dies playing 'the pass-out game.' Hmmm, sounds familiar...
* GAO advocates stronger laws regarding toxic substances.
* New clues on SARS may lead to treatments.

Ten people famous for doing nothing.

Graffiti superstar Borf arrested.

Emmy nominations announced. I'll give my picks in a few.
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