PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"To try to conceal the fact that the president had lied to the American public about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program, Rove attempted to destroy the credibility of two national security veterans and send an intimidating message to any other government officials preparing to publicly tell the truth."
-Robert Scheer

The double-edged hypocrisy of outsourcing jobs overseas.

* Dan Froomkin wonders, will the administration's stonewall work? David Corn has some opinion on the matter as well.
* NYTimes analysis sees a loyalty test coming.
* Harold Meyerson just sees this as classic Rove.
* The Achenblog goes "All Rove All The Time."
* Also, Howard Kurtz's column is a great read, both today ("Leak? What Leak?") and yesterday ("Frog-Marching Time for Rove?")
* And, the hot new fun read, Tuesday's White House press briefing. I confess, I almost pity McClellan. Almost.

* BBC analysis of the latest, grim development in the London bombing investigation.
* When cellphone service was turned off in New York tunnels, some questions were raised.
* The evolution of Hilary Clinton.
* Wait, jets? Are they serious?
* Using technology to aid the poor.
* Lego sells off theme parks.
* The trials of musical hallucinations.
* Video games turn to the orchestra for their scores.
* Women break into championship poker.

Newest entry in The Tribes of New York: "the Goth Girls."

Welcome, to the CBS Evening Blog.

Have they found the icepick used to murder Trotsky?

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