PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I'm very behind on regular update stuff, so here is some.

Last weekend, RQ and I waited way too long to have dinner at LoneStar (lessons: their peppercorn is 90% pepper, and the lettuce wedge is *gigantic* and *buried* under blue cheese dressing.)

Getting our tickets for the movie, the theater was *packed.* Turns out the huge lines were for Drumline (who knew?!) I mean, the theater was adding extra shows! Anyways, we caught Equilibrium, which isn't as bad as it looks. Sure, completely implausible science fiction plot, but Christian Bale carries the movie, and makes it watchable and even enjoyable. I mean, if someone told me I would like a movie with that plot and a 'gun fencing' scene, I wouldn't believe them either, but there it is.

Also a while ago, we watched Ultraviolet. England has the best miniseries, and this one is no exception. Sure, the plot about a secret police force trained to track down and kill vampires has been done before, but never this well. There's so many shades of grey, and such moral ambiguity, that I intend to track down the writer/directors other (non-vampire) works sight unseen. great stuff, something to watch with the 'movie posse' sooner or later (now that I have spread Firefly to the masses.)

Last night was a fun party held by Red Queen's boss, where I (re-)met a lot of her coworkers, and generally had a good time. One notable part was listening in on political gossip between a couple of hardcore Democrats. I wish I got in more conversations like that.

And I have my car back, and it was too expensive, but yeah, freedom of movement and the ability to finish Xmas shopping, good times.

SIMPLE NEWS: Good Lord, Daniel Day-Lewis has come back to kill us all. Thanks to Operative X and others for sending me the hottest news about a man with monkeys in his pants. And thanks to Sailor Tork for the article on the fight to save the apostrophe. Finally, political winners and losers for 2002.

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