PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, big party at chez hugeboozehound for the birthday girl, syntart. It was a pool party/cookout, but we didn't make it until evening (work, the two-hour-ish drive, Nissan Pavillion* traffic, etc.) Still sick, so I'm a little out of sorts, which kept me quieter for the first half of the night. (The more I talk, the more I cough, it seems.) But a good time was had by many. Bit of confusion/drama at the end of the night, more or less my fault, but Selene and I braved the drive home comparatively efficiently. Good times.

Oh, and car was dropped off at the shop yesterday, hoping to get an estimate from them soon. The broken A/C, I can live with. I'll complain, but I can live with it. The squealing brakes, that I need taken care of.

This cold has about a day or two to get better, or I will have to brave the doctor. So annoying.

* - In fact, that line of traffic last night was for a Toby Keith show.

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