PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"...Why is the American attention span so fixed on nightmares of missing or murdered children? ... All this goes on as all available evidence shows a decline in criminal abductions of children and in homicides."
-Dick Meyer

The London bombing was a disappointing blow to Tony Blair's progress.

"Police have arrested a man for using someone else's wireless Internet network in one of the first criminal cases involving this fairly common practice."

* Credit where it's due: Bush's positive comments from yesterday.
* Plame case: questions remain about the leaker and the law. David Ignatius notes how the whole mess is a bunch of bad signs for things to come.
* The Muslim world reacts to the London bombings. Thomas Friendman says a Muslim problem needs a Muslim solution.
* How a Gonzales court pick might be the end of Republican dominance.
* interview with Chuck Hagel.
* Jeb Bush finally drops the Schiavo witch hunt.
* Huh. Sheep mass suicide in Turkey. (Courtesy kalixanthippe.)
* Haw haw! Baseball and softball dropped from the 2012 Olympics.

Weren't we supposed to be working less hours by now?

"North America's oldest motorcycle club for women, the Motor Maids, rolled into Maryland for its 65th anniversary convention this week - a gang of young singles, mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers united by their love of chrome-splashed, loud but sensibly outfitted, two-wheeled roadsters."

Are good writers ruining rock criticism?

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