PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, well-far behind on things.

FRIDAY: RQ and bebe headed to the airport for the Seattle reunion. After work and mowing the lawn, Selene comes by and we hit Goblin and Decore's pad for some Heroclix. (New expansion, natch.) Fun was had, tasty food was consumed. I don't think Selene hated the game, which is a good thing.

SATURDAY: Nothing! Well, relaxation. And a trip to Blockbuster for a scifi DVD. And a second trip back to Blockbuster for a working copy of said DVD. And a late show of that cool new movie. And quality time with Selene. But other than all that, nothing!

SUNDAY: The zombie luau for Norton's birthday, which others have detailed elsewhere. Big fun, miss having parties like that which primarily consist of everyone sitting around and talking. Totally should have taken more pictures. Fun call from Zoe, out west (she loves the telephone.) Then, a late-night drive to Selene's parents' place, which isn't far from Waldorf. Then, crashing.

MONDAY: Cookout and hanging out with Selene's parents and family and others. Good fun. Many younglings there, including a certain miss someone who was insistent about getting pushed on a swing every forty-five minutes or so. Also, there was frog-chasing, and fireworks being tossed into a fountain by uncles. Trinity totally reminded me of Zoe. Food was eaten, good times were had, a fine amateur fireworks display took place at nightfall. Then, the best way to celebrate our nation's independence: a John Waters movie.

Somewhere along here, I caught whatever ick Selene had a couple days ago. Very uncool, that.

TUESDAY: Woke up, felt sicker, had coffee, headed home. Greeted returning bebe and bebe's momma, who both crashed out on the couch at like 8 or something.

LAST NIGHT: dinner with Selene, then drinks, pondering future plans. Weighty stuff, but fruitful.

So, yes, I am sick. Stuffy nose, sore throat (hurts when I swallow.) I'm also quite bored of it, as it's been a couple days now.

Got off the Metro this morning (still no signs of increased security) and walked the two blocks to my work *in a torrential downpour. Seriously, it'll be a couple hours before my clothes dry out. A couple more hours after that for the hair.

This weekend: some work, party tomorrow, movie Sunday and possibly Monday? Busy busy busy.

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