PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I typically stick to reviewing movies I see in the theater, and not those on DVD or cable. However, over this weekend, I saw two such films that warrant an exception.

The Final Cut - Low-budget scifi flick from last year, only got an indy release. Robin Williams takes the footage of a person's entire life (from a bio-organic implant behind the subject's eye, implanted before birth) and edits it into a ReMemory, sort of a movie version of the person's life. But he sees something in the footage of a recent subject that he recognizes from his past. I'm no fan of Mr. Williams, but he does well here. Kooky stuff, not as surreal as it sounds, well worth checking out.

A Dirty Shame - There's no other way to say it: John Waters isn't just a Baltimorean treasure, he is a *national* treasure. Every time you think the movie will have nothing left to shock you with, by heavens they pull out one more stop and there it is. Subversive doesn't begin to cover it. It's a treat, on a number of levels. If you check it out on DVD, make sure to watch the featurette on the making of the film. Yes, over an hour long, but highly informative and pretty funny in its own right. Oh, and make sure you get the NC-17 version, because, well, duh.

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