PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dang: Sandra Day O'Connor resigns.
* Report by Andrew Cohen.
* List of potential replacements.
* The BBC sees the upcoming court nomination as a battle for our nation's soul.
* Terry Neal's LiveOnline transcript.

Republican lawmakers fight back against the judiciary.

More on the right's scary eliminationist rhetoric. (Courtesy Iceman.)

* David Ignatius on the worsening terrorism problem.
* Botswana disputes Bush's AIDS claims.
* In Germany, Schroeder government loses confidence vote.
* E.J. Dionne wonders, who is listening to the President?
* Looking at the administration's adversity reaction.
* The G-8's debate on global warming is coming to a head, shortly.
* Ethics committee ends stalemate - sort of.
* House repeals the district's own gun restrictions.
* Dick Meyer explains why the GOP doesn't want to enfranchise DC.
* The rings of Saturn have their own atmosphere.
* Report shows carbon dioxide buildup is turning the oceans acidic.
* This just in: if you're taking sick days to cover your pro wrestling career, don't let your fellow teachers find out.
* Spielberg set to take on the 1972 Munich Olympics.
* Are DVD sales slumping? And if so, why?

Advertising reversed: consumers shape ad campaigns.
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