PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So yeah, been a busy week. RQ has a work conference this week, so I've been in charge of tze bebe the past couple nights. Luckily, she's been in pretty decent spirits. Bebe, Selene, and I had dinner at the Olive Garden last night, where we had a tragically new waiter. Seriously, I usually sympathize with waitstaff, especially new hires, but man, this guy was really making it hard.

Tonight, dinner with the Baroness, finishing up new icons, and preparing half-year movie list. Logically some laundry. Friday, RQ and bebe fly out west, and I get crackin' on a busy weekend with some hot, hot lawn-mowing. (Tragically, that's not a metaphor.)

One of these days, I need to put up some new graphic novel reviews.

Links of interest:
* Unraveling the mystery of time travel (for instance, there's no reason it shouldn't work.)
* V for Vendetta movie poster
* The tale of the Dynamite Fiend.
* The Straight Dope on those eye-floaty-things that plagued me as a youth.
* "South Korea, historically more worried about fending off cultural domination by China and Japan than spreading its own culture abroad, is emerging as the pop culture leader of Asia."

This afternoon, news links, and no shortage of them.

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