PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As aforementioned, Selene and I caught up with some people on Saturday before the party to check out Land of the Dead. I have to say, leave it to the granddaddy of all zombie movies to prove that, even in today's MTV2 Generation, slow, shambling zombies can still be downright scary. Both John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper were just about perfect, and fine B-list (or C-list) additions. Well worth checking out, though I have mixed feelings on the ending.

New trailers:
* Supercross - Wow. A remake of BMX Bandits, by way of The Fast and the Furious? Ingenious.
* The Cave - Wow. A prequel to The Relic? They might have tricked me into seeing this, if they hadn't made a trailer.
* The Devil's Rejects - Oh, I don't know. I was less than impressed with the first one. And I don't see Diamond Dallas Page improving things, oh, at all.
* The Skeleton Key - Peter Sarsgaard and John Hurt in a voodoo movie! Tempting, but...
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