PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Taken from Howard Kurtz, taken from the New York Post:

Is this what education has come to in this country? Check out this New York Post piece:

"The city art student who wreaked havoc by placing ominous black boxes labeled 'FEAR' in the Union Square subway station for a school project earned an 'A' in the class, his teacher said yesterday.

"Clinton Boisvert's teacher at the School of Visual Arts said the 25-year-old student only intended to observe the public's reaction to his final art project - and not create mass hysteria and fear.

"Boisvert triggered concern about a terror attack and forced the evacuation of the bustling transit hub for more than five hours after he taped 37 'fear' boxes to walls, pillars and benches in the station Dec. 11, police said.

"Despite the scare - and the massive police deployment that followed - Foundation Sculpture teacher Barbara Schwartz praised the project for getting 'the attention of people' and said it 'opened a dialogue.'"

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