PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday, movie (to be detailed later) followed by going-away party for Blake. *Many* people, always fun. I had a couple too many drinks, which ended up in, uh, me falling asleep sitting on the back lawn. Hey, I had been up since five a.m., sue me.

*Aaannnddd*, at tze party, I found out a bunch of people play CoH on the Victory server (Er, I think it's Victory.) Which is course means I need to make a character there RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW. Or something. Really, I like making characters, I need to admit that to myself.

Today, went to see Regent's play, since it was, you know, the last performance. Tragically, found out that BadHand's earlier performances have apparently waylaid him, so we got the stand-in instead. But the play was good and funny. (The singing, hee.) The un-air-conditioned church building we saw it in was a bit hot, though.

Tonight, much TV, maybe a little painting.

Much bebesitting this week, as RQ is working late a few nights. Couple good things in the works, but I don't wanna jinx them by talking about them yet. Looking forward to the weekend, though.

Sorry for the rush job here. More me later.

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