PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, been a while since the last update, let's just cut to the chase and say it's been busy.

The hot newz! After the midnight showing of The Two Towers last night, got to the car, battery light came on (but the car turned over, lights and radio worked, etc. No power steering. And it's almost 4 AM by this point. I call Agent Dieter and Toltec (who were just at the movie with us) and they graciously go far out of their way to drive us home.

Mind you, I *just* had the oil changed on Monday. If JiffyLube screwed something up, heads will roll. Limp the car into the Colombia Merchants this morning, after some shenanigans, for which Red Queen was vastly patient. And they say they probably won't be able to look at the car until *tomorrow.*

Because what I needed, a week before Christmas, when I don't have much money and haven't bought many presents, and a daughter being born in a few weeks, is a gigantic car repair bill.


More on the wizard and elf movie later, so the less h4rdc0r3 fans have a chance to see it. In general, I was eminently pleased.

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