PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Finally caught Batman Begins last night. Pretty damn awesome. In fact, might even outstrip my previous favorite Batman movie. Bale lived up to my expectations. And they did a wondrous job with Scarecrow, really. Possibly my favorite Batman movie villain. Gordon was very keen, I wanted more scenes with him. Rachel was fine, but forgettable. I did have a bit of a problem with the cowl, though. It just sat a little weird, so it was distracting, either with the cheekbones, or the under-the-chin parts, made his face look fat now and then. But, hey, he could turn his head, so that's a plus. The two things I was worried about the most (Alfred and the Batmobile) also turned out pretty cool, so, victory all around.

[SPOILERY STUFF: I'm still a little iffy on the Ducard/al-Ghul thing there at the end. Plus, more comic universe references than I expected! (Zsaz!) Though, honestly, I wouldn't do the Joker in the next movie. Or, possibly, at all. The Batsignal? Totally keen. Not to be a comic book dork, but they totally could have snuck in some reference/scene to Zatara. Just sayin'. And the huge prisoner who starts the fight in the prison is named "Turbo Kong," which is AWESOME.]

New trailers:
* The Brothers Grimm - I totally didn't recognize Heath Ledger. Plus, bonus Peter Stormare. Looks like a Gilliam-tastic version of Van Helsing which is totally OK by me.
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Selene found the newest trailer very 'Hollywood-ized.' I found it more, well, kid-oriented, which isn't always what I am after with Burton movies. Either way, I'm still gonna give it a go.
* The Island - Why is Scarlett Johansson in an action movie? Anyways, still ehn. However, I'm a big mark for Djimon Hounsou and Michael Clarke Duncan. Also, people tend to like this Sean Bean guy, and this is sort of the only type of movie he can do anymore, so, yeah.
* The Dukes of Hazzard - My companion was very excited by this prospect. I'm not so sure, myself. Decent supporting cast (and by that, I mean Willie Nelson... and Joe Don Baker.) I might have to watch Super Troopers first to see what I might be getting into here.
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