PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Republican rule makes lobbying a profitable growth industry.

Dick Meyer looks at Bush's post-modern politics.

Good read: time to rewrite the economics textbooks.

* In the forgotten war, American troops in Afghanistan faced increased Taliban resistance.
* Israel admits that it has returned to using assassinations.
* Andrew Cohen's legal analysis of the Killen conviction.
* Feh. Solar sail launch fails.
* Gonzales urges minimum sentences.
* Some Republicans seek prisoner abuse panel.
* Thomas Friedman discusses why Bush suffers for a lack of an heir apparent.
* How much is the British royal family worth?
* Fox and Marvel sue Sony over upcoming film.
* Today's double-meaning headline: "Toby Keith: Good As Ever"

"Players may now only wear cabbage by presenting a doctor's note in advance."

Tom Toles on the Downing Street memo.

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