PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The notion that the president led the country into war through indirection or dishonesty is not the most damaging criticism of the administration. The worst possibility is that the president and his advisers believed their own propaganda. They did not prepare the American people for an arduous struggle because they honestly didn't expect one."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

Health care costs outstrip wages.

* More on the president's poll numbers. Has a shift in public opinion put an end to the Iraq occupation in sight?
* The long shadow of Guantanamo.
* "In Africa, millions wait."
* Wal-Mart as a force for change in China.
* North Carolina considers the Quran in the courtroom.
* "A researcher retained secretly by the chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to monitor the "Now" program with Bill Moyers for political objectivity last year, worked for 20 years at a journalism center founded by the American Conservative Union and a conservative columnist."
* Pennsylvania legislature ponders allowing intelligent design to be taught in schools. Also, scientists opting out of the debate.
* Almost one thousand law enforcement agents raid a California gang.
* Eight Republicans didn't support the Senate's apology for lynchings.
* Maryland released school watch list.
* Tales from the guards watching Saddam Hussein.
* Lions free kidnapped girl in Africa.
* So, what if your kid just won't eat their vegetables?
* Jellyfish and their ilk are more complex than we thought.
* David Spade to host new entertainment news show on Comedy Central.

Pro sports tries to cope with the growing video game generation.

AMC and Loews theaters to merge.

Uncovering graffiti archeology.

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