PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What this says to us, is that [government] agents are coming to libraries and they are asking for information at a level that is significant, and the findings are completely contrary to what the Justice Department has been trying to convince the public."

"It has become clearer than ever that Americans do not want to fight George W. Bush's tragically misguided war in Iraq."
-Bob Herbert

News analysis of Bush's political road getting rougher.

* Policy sure shifted after Bolton left the State Department.
* Casulty-depleted platoon in Iraq tries to cope with losses.
* Post editorial on the holes in the Air Force tanker scandal.
* "A top Justice Department official threatened to remove a government expert from its witness list if he did not water down his recommended penalties for the tobacco industry."
* You know, for being the 'party of obstruction,' the Democrats haven't done much, well, obstructing.
* Biden to seek Democratic nomination in 2008? Fingers crossed.
* A new group weighs in on the Montgomery County sex ed dispute: the students themselves.
* Spacecraft to test solar sails ready to launch.

Manuscript hunters crisscross India, seeking to preserve a hand-written past.

Bad news: Hollywood's box office continues to slide.

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