PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Couch: successfully moved from donors at point A to storage at point B. I'd like to publicly thank Miss Scarlett, Fermat, Goblin, Baldur, and Dona Quixote for making the operation possible. I owe you all one.

After couch moving yesterday, RQ and I took tze bebe to see Madagascar at Muvico. Bebe was only a nudge during parts of it. She didn't want to wander off, but she did want bug the chairs in front of her, and sat in her chair though only a small part of the film. Nonetheless, breakthrough.

Right, the movie. I enjoyed it a fair amount. Not as good as the Pixar films, of course. There was just less substance to the plot, in the end. Good performances by a lot of the voice actors, though. The penguins were outstanding, and the chimps could have surpassed them if they were given more screen time. And, of course, Ali G as the king of the lemurs was brilliant, and stole every scene he was in.

Oh, and let me also mention, in bebe news, she is at her 'lying about child abuse' stage, in that she came up to me while we were all in the living room yesterday, and explained how Mommy had hit her on the arm. Which is amusing, as I had just seen her hit her mother on the arm.

After the movie, we trucked down to Annapolis for dinner with the family, which was hectic but good. Also, I ended up defending Michael Jackson at the dinner table, and possibly large tenets of our justice system. But the food was good.

New trailers:
* Dreamer - I am intuitively repulsed bya feel-good family movie, and having it be a young girl and a horse story only makes it worse. Having the cast involve Kurt "Snake Plisskin" Russel, Oded "that guy from The Mummy" Fehr, Luis "Jacopo" Guzman, *and* Kris "Whistler" Kristofferson just makes it amusing.
* The Pink Panther - Decent cast, but did it really need remaking?
* Pride and Prejudice - With Keira Knightley *and* Donald Sutherland!
* Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - !!!

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