PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Just when it seemed there was no hope for serious journalism on primetime newsmagazines, along comes an unlikely savior: Brad Pitt."

Groovy article by a BBC correspondent inside Iran, where the times they are a-changing.

Great article by Howard Kurtz, discussing the absurdity of everything from Schiavo to the Downing Street Memo. Positively a must-read. Also on Schiavo, Frist sidesteps, and Jeb intervenes. Again.

* EU summit falls apart. BBC news analysis sees a conflict of two visions.
* Thomas Friedman on letting Toyota save the environment.
* wonders, who will be the GOP frontrunner?
* Congressional GOP comes up with a new idea for social security.
* Dick Meyer doubts they'll catch many terrorists at International Falls, MN.
* Iowa governor Vilsack to restore right to vote to convicted felons who have completed their sentences.
* Texas removes parole option for murder convictions.
* Parents work to keep military recruiters out of schools.
* Once again, the Bush administration refuses to believe in global warming.
* Keeping an eye on the growth of deserts worldwide.
* Good work guys: Chinese farmers make bird flu vaccine useless.
* Breast implants are more popular than ever.
* Experts says too many people self-medicate for insomnia. Well, duh.
* What *is* Google, anyways?
* Hollywood sees safety in franchises.
* So. How much money would you save if you didn't buy Starbucks coffee?

Ooh. Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield, has a new show in the works.

A reporter has her comic book questions answered.

Today's top headline that, sadly, isn't literal:
"China warned of obesity time-bomb"
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