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More details on the war to save Firefly: the Fox website has a page on finding your local affiliate. I wrote the two in my area ( and asking them if the show is canceled, and what I can do to keep it on the air. [ASIDE: God, I am a giant dork.] Anyways. Do it! I'll give you a dollar.

Oh, and I never looked at the official site, it has some pretty neat things on it, including interviews.

Hmmm, what else. A tasty Dusit dinner after touring Holy Cross. We tour Laurel Sunday evening (hopefully after some Heroclix, but it remains to be seen who can show for that.)

Things I care about: The linguistic ruin of instant messanging and the past tense is under siege.

WOTC stores are reducing their RPG stock permanently. Whuf!

* The modern antiwar protest has evolved.
* The problem with defining poverty by region.
* PBS airs a new Muhammad documentary this month
* Composer asked to write an opera about the atom bomb.
* Another dating show... and a celebrity show!
* Bad news for all you redheads out there considering surgery.
* "The enlargement [of the EU] will create a trade bloc of 450 million people with an economy of $9.3 trillion per year, which would closely match that of the United States."

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