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Weekend in review

So, just back from a nice three-day weekend, so I know you're all dying for my weekend update. I'll leave out the boring parts (Christmas shopping, Mage and Sabbat larping) and flip ahead to movie reviews.

Watched Amadeus again Sunday and Monday (forgot how long it was.) (And forgot how I tend to overuse parentheses.) I forgot how much I enjoy that movie, and by that, I mean how much I enjoy Salieri and excessive outfits.

Here's a list of lessons learned in going over the movie with Operative X today (who I hope doesn't mind me posting these here, as a cheap excuse for a journal update.)

* Geniuses can be idiots as well.
* People who aren't as talented as you will ruin your life.
* Don't marry mean people.
* Powdered wigs - what were we thinking?
* Three cornered hats can be pretty cool.
* Lace - for when you want to feel pretty. Guys too.
* Costume parties always turn out badly.

I also caught the wrestling pay-perview Sunday night, and had a few people over. It's a lot of fun, since I watch a lot of wrestling, and get to taint everyone there with my opinions, as I end up explaining a lot of the storylines that have happened since the last PPV. Also, I enjoy run-on sentences. But yeah.

The other fun is that, since most of the people who show aren't wrestling fans, they aren't as "into it" as I am. Thusly, they take smoke breaks during matches, joke around more, etc. It's relaxing and fun. I'm going to try and track down some luche libre stuff to show them, as they tend to like the high flyers more (and really, oddly, it's more accessible to the non-follower.)

As for specifics: Jericho won! He's one of my favorites. Not one of the best, mind, you, but a favorite. All in all, a decent show, and looks to be setting up some storylines for the future, which is what we're really after anyways.


"You have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh." -Fight Club
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