PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

VNV Nation was, as always, a great show. We *almost* didn't make it, because while the tickets said doors were at 7, there was clearly no way they *meant* that things were starting early. So we showed up at regular time, around 9:45 or so, to find out that yes, both opening bands had played, and VNV was in 15 minutes. Turns out they start early for all-ages shows. Stupid stupid jailbait. Anyways, we had enough time to meet and greet a couple people, grab a drink and find a place in the crowd.

So show was great, they played my two favorite songs and many others, including a couple from the new album. Crowd was really into it. Afterwards, good night of clubbing, chatted with a couple people (and a potential future housemate.) Unfortunately, at the end of the night, Blake tricked me into having a Red Bull & vodka (as I was buying one for him) and thusly I spent the end of the night *rather* plastered (but Selene took very good care of me.)

RQ brought home an early Father's Day present for me, an optical mouse. A treat!

Anyone else watching this show Avatar? It was recommended to me at a party, just watched part of an episode. Nifty art, looks like an interesting plotline.

Busy weekend ahead, including family dinner on Sunday and extra work on Monday. More later.

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