PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Senior Justice Department officials overrode the objections of career lawyers running the government's tobacco racketeering trial and ordered them to reduce the penalties sought at the close of the nine-month trial by $120 billion, internal documents and interviews show."

Betting big on real estate's 'trillion dollar bet.'

Whoo! House votes to curtail parts of the Patriot Act.
[UPDATE: more!]

* Anne Applebaum on the grand illusion of airport security.
* More cracks appear in the administration's Iraq story.
* Republicans are looking for a social security exit strategy.
* Investigating public broadcasting payments to Republican lobbyists.
* David Brooks on the loss of middlebrow culture.
* Group urges more polygamy prosecutions.
* Virginia and Maryland get leeway in No Child Left Behind enforcement.
* Grim find on the Red Line this morning.
* Half-male, half-female crab discovered.
* Why celebrities win trials.
* The mixed message of an industry crackdown on hip-hop mixtapes.
* Two reality shows that might be worth watching.
* ET watched the last episode of the Britney show, so you didn't have to.

Technology means people works longer hours.

Web comics find big audiences.

Happy 25th birthday, Pac-man.

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