PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

eventful night

The plans for last night evolved quickly over a short period of time, but ended up with the Fish, Selene, and myself enjoying some tasty Chinese at Gracie's Fortune in Bowie, followed by a little bookstore-browsing (which lead to today's poll.) Then, a viewing of Revenge of the Sith. Cant say my opinion's changed that much after a second viewing, other than realizing how they try to pack a *lot* of plot into too short an amount of time. But still. I remain a total Grievous mark.

I made the mistake of recommending we go for the theater in Bowie, because those were *the most* uncomfortable movie chairs I have sat in in a long time. Seriously, like old-Hoff bad. And not as well broken-in. Let me also note, while we got five or so trailers, they were almost all for movies that were *already out in theaters.* The Fish did finally get to see the new Fantastic Four trailer, and he is suitably excited. Oh, and we did get one new trailer. For freakin' Stealth. Gah. I will console myself by downloading the new Brothers Grimm trailer when I get home today.

Heading home, Selene is driving. I had no idea how far along the 450 construction is. So we're passing through it, and WHAM, hit a hole in the road or something. Lo and behold, front tire is fuh-lat. We take a little time figuring out the (infernal) jack and lug nuts and the like, and are back on our way relatively efficiently. Nice night for it, if nothing else.

Un-for-tun-ate-ly, at some point during the tire operation, I got voice mail from home. Seems tze bebe was having ear troubles, and thusly not sleeping at all, crying, etc. Once home, grab my car and head over to Laurel Regional, find bebe and mommy after a couple minutes of searching, (because they apparently have no problems with strangers wandering through the E/R. There was some nasty crash there, at least two ambulances worth of paramedics around.) Bebe is very tired, but in seeming-better spirits, ditto for her mother. Ear infection, antibiotics received, sent home.

So, not much sleep. Later this afternoon, newz linkz, and two-fisted tales. Possibly more, work-permitting, as it's lame cross-training day.

Tonight, VNV Nation at, uh, Nation.

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