PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Are these people mentally ill? In a report released last week, researchers estimated that more than half of Americans would develop mental disorders in their lives, raising questions about where mental health ends and illness begins."

NYTimes report: Interrogating Ourselves.

Dan Froomkin takes us inside the West Wing (plus bonus graphic.)

The irony of Cheney handing out a journalism award.

* More flaws found in the terror database.
* The BBC on American torture victims overseas.
* Disaster averted on Metro yesterday.
* Andrew Cohen on the evidence in the Jackson acquittal.
* Bacteria threaten the iceman.
* A Mayan tomb holds the ancient tale of two women.
* Author Haruki Murakami, between two cultures.
* Microchips in World Cup soccer balls?

Questioning Hollywood's math over G-rated movies.

Great read: takes on the Tom Cruise coverage.
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