PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So. Riding in the car with RQ yesterday, she noted that the funny noise my car is making is the same funny noise it was making last year or so, when it took me like four days and over $1000 to fix. This means the litany of current car problems now reads:

* The wheels take a second to 'catch' when turning, now and then.
* The air conditioning is buh-roken. Let me tell you how much that rules right now.
* Flat tire (I'm running off the full-sized spare.)
* I'm pretty confident the brake pads need replacing.

And quite honestly, I'm not sure I want to dump another $1000+ into the car again this year. RQ thinks it'd be a good idea to dump the car now, while I might still get like $27.85 in trade-in value. I'm beginning to think she's right, but goddamn I can't afford a new car now, not when I'm gonna need a new place to live in a couple months or so and what have you.


*And* the mouse on my home machine is acting up again, and cleaning it out didn't seem to help. Grr.

Allow me to go into detail on how awesome my morning was.

* Left for work late (entirely my fault, here. And certainly not complaining. :} But still, already behind schedule.)
* As a consequence, get stuck in traffic. Which I normally never get stuck in, on the ride in. So, later than late.
* Have to park on the freakin' far side of the Metro lot. Later still, thanks to the hike.
* Somehow, I picked the train that stopped for a few minutes, for no discernible reason. Twice.
* And when I get to work? *Then* I remember I forgot to bring in my badge.


Feh. Anyways. As we had a surprise afternoon off, RQ and I caught Howl's Moving Castle. As with all the Miyazaki works, it's visually beautiful. (Also, like his other works, it's got a freakin' hippie message in it, but hey.) It was good, a little rambling, and the plot was, well, I'll go with contrived, but forgivable for a kids movie. Also, IMHO, Billy Crystal was too recognizable for a main character voice. But no, I did enjoy it.

I think I liked Spirited Away better, but I also haven't seen Porco Rosso. Also, Miyazaki really has a thing for hideous, oversized old women. Seriously, it's a little weird.

Only new trailer was for Herbie, this one with more Michael Keaton. Uh, OK. Muvico seems to now only be showing two trailers in front of movies, and let me tell you, I have my letter of complaint half-written already.
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